¿Cómo analizar un Pérdidas y Ganancias (P&L)?

Los Mejores Vídeos de Gestores de Inversión

            A continuación, se presenta una selección de vídeos de gestores de inversiones hablando sobre distintas temáticas. Todos los vídeos están en inglés. La mayoría de los vídeos procede del canal de YouTube llamado Investors Archive. En dicho canal hay otros vídeos de diferentes temáticas. Además, se han adjuntado otros vídeos de otros canales.

Warren Buffett: Stock Picking Strategy, The Economy and Investments

Howard Marks: Investing in a Low Return World (2019)

Carl Icahn on Investing, Markets and His Life

Charlie Munger: Investment Philosophy, The Economy and Politics

Ray Dalio: Career, Economic Risks and Advice to Graduates (2019)

Joel Greenblatt: Investing For The Long Term, Index Funds and Markets (2019)

Stephen Schwarzman: Finding Winning Investments, Deals and Life

Billionaire Kenneth Griffin: The Power of Capitalism, Financial Markets and Competitiveness

Jim Chanos: Short Selling Successes, Mistakes and Strategies

Billionaire James Simon: Quantitative Investment Strategy, Career and Trading

Billionaire Mario Gabelli: Value Investing and Explanations of His Favourite Investments

Billionaire Kenneth Griffin: How to Get Ahead in Investing and Finance

Warren Buffett on His Investment Strategies in MBA Speech

Joel Greenblatt: The Future Of Value Investing, Valuation Technique and Markets

Peter Lynch lecture on Investments and How the Average Investor can pick Stocks

Billionaire David Einhorn: Value Investing and Creating a Hedge Fund


Tobias Carlisle: Deep Value Investing

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